Amanda Gorman, The young Poet who took the World by Storm


There are not many countries that can compete with the power the United States of America wields in the world. The whole world had its eyes set on the American 2020 electoral cycle as the country dealt with unprecedented attacks on its democracy. Having emerged victorious Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration was one of a kind. As the Covid-19 Pandemic continued to ravage the world and the security risks threatening America’s Capital the presidential inauguration was more muted this year.

Despite the hullaballoo going on in the world, millions tuned in to watch the inauguration. Many moments stood out like the swearing-in of America’s first female vice president and President Biden’s first speech after taking the oath of office. However, the stand out moment came when Amanda Gorman took the stage to deliver her powerful poem. At 22 years, Amanda was the youngest poet to take the stage and the second black woman to reading a poem after Maya Angelou in 1993 at former President Clinton’s inauguration. Amanda took the world by storm reciting her poem “The Hill We Climb.” Her reading captured the nation’s undercurrent that cut across race and politics, choosing to focus on the positive aspirations of the citizens’ democratic hopes.

Who is Amanda Gorman?

Ms. Gorman was born and raised in Los Angeles California by a single mother who worked as an educator. Amanda has two siblings and is one half of a set of twin baby girls born to Joan Wicks, Gabrielle her twin sister works as a filmmaker and activist.  She credits her mother’s encouragement as the source of her love for reading and writing. As a child, Amanda was diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder. She suffers from sound sensitivity resulting from it. Amanda’s childhood was fraught with many challenges suffering from a speech impediment for which she underwent speech therapy. Gorman has stated that she did not view her speech impediment as a curse but rather saw it as a gift that helped strengthen her. Amanda has stated that she uses music as a form of therapy, her favorite song is “Aaron Burr, Sir” from the highly acclaimed play “Hamilton.” Gorman said that the song had a lot of Rs. And if she could keep up with the song then she could do it in a poem.

Amanda told the “The Harvard gazette” in 2018 that her auditory processing disorder and her speech impediment were only an obstacle to her vocal skills and auditory reception. However, these obstacles provided her an opportunity to excel in her reading and writing skills. Ms. Gorman received the Milken Family Foundation scholarship as a high school senior. She attended Harvard University undertaking an undergraduate degree in Sociology graduating in 2020 cum laude. During her time at Harvard, she pledged to Phi Beta Kappa.

Amanda Gorman’s star is shining bright days after receiving glowing reviews from her inauguration poem reading, IMG Models announced they had signed to manage her future endorsements covering fashion and beauty.