Julius Malema calls for Zulu Royal Family to be ‘jealously protected’ against scavengers seeking to destroy it

“We must jealously protect the unity of the Zulu Royal Family because it’s one of those black institutions that are still run by black people and led by black people and are run in a dignified manner,”

Malema said.

According to EFF leader Julius Malema, the Zulu Royal Family’s unity should be “jealously protected” against those who want to destabilize and destroy it because it is one of the few black institutions that is still run and led by black people in a dignified manner.

Malema was addressing a media briefing when he told a bevy of reporters that opponents of the Zulu throne, occupied by King Misuzulu kaZwelithini, should accept that there is one king and one certificate of recognition of that king.

He argued that there was no division and disunity in the royal family. He referred to the ‘’smooth’’ processes around King Misuzulu’s Ukungena Esibayeni ceremony, his speech, the presence of dignitaries from other countries.

Malema said the presence of leadership from different formations “gave every Doubting Thomas” a clear message that there was no doubt who is the King of the Zulus.

“Those who are calling press conferences in Fourways must know that there is no king in Fourways… they will be kings (only) in Fourways. They, too, know that there is one king and there is one certificate.

said Julius Malema

Malema was referring to Prince Mbonisi who called a press briefing in Fourways, Johannesburg, and named Prince Buzabazi as a successor to the throne.

“We are fully behind that kingdom and anything else is just fighting for resources or something else. You’ve got individuals of no significance who just call press conferences. “This thing that people are divided because someone called a press conference, even if they speak alone, out of so many people you go alone and then we are called divided. There’s no disunity,”

Malema said.

He said that he could not attend the historic occasion which “looked so beautiful from a distance” because he had an EFF Central Command Team (CCT) meeting, but that if he had not been committed to the CCT he would have attended even without an invitation just to be with the masses in order to become part of history of being part of a coronation of a king.

“It was a historic moment and a turning point for the Zulu nation. Anyone who had any other thing after that coronation should be ashamed of themselves and work their way back into that properly run black institution which the colonizers are not happy with, they want to destabilize it and destroy it because anything black must never be seen to be functional.

He added that it should not be allowed that those remaining monarchs in the country be destroyed by those who did not want to see anything black united.

“Our King Misuzulu must not even doubt himself. We are there, we are going to support him, we are going to make sure that he’s not undermined by these scavengers and at the right moment the leadership of the EFF will also go and pay its courtesy visit (to King Misuzulu),” Malema said.

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