Kunle Adeyanju Biker: “Main Reason Why I Embarked On London To Lagos Trip”

Africa’s adventurous man, Kunle Adeyanju has been blazing on the trail on the positive portrayal of Africa as ventures on from journey from London to Lagos on a bike. So far, he has covered about 11,301 km all the way from London to Africa and continues to embolden the fact that Africa is not a jungle.

As he journeys through the deserts and countries in Europe and Africa, he keeps his followers and admirers abreast of his adventure by journaling and posting pictures and write-ups to that effect. Barely a month into his journey, he has garnered massive love and hospitality, massive followership on social media as well as a verification badge on Twitter and recognition from the CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal.

The latest on his post was declaring to the world that Africa is not a jungle compared to reports sometimes found in the mainstream media about the continent of Africa. According to his post, it states, “Africa is a beautiful continent.” 

From his previous post as he journeys, he has narrated how he has been swarmed with hospitality from different places in Africa including how Bikers from Mali travelled 600km on hearing he lost his wheel. He was also shown massive love in Burkina Faso as well Ghana and other countries. He is expected to reach Lagos, his destination on Wednesday. 

Kunle Adeyanju has been reiterating that Africa is a place full of nice people that has shown him hospitality he has never experienced anywhere else in the world. 

He tweeted, “In this trip of travelling 11,301km across Africa, I have enjoyed the spirit of African hospitality that I never knew existed. People are nice. I did not experience any insecurity issue as portrayed in the western media as Africa being a hotbed of evil.”

Further buttressing his point, he said Africa is not a jungle or only good for safaris, rather Africa is a continent encumbered with rich and diverse cultures. He went further to debunk the news of constant insecurity carried by the Western media, whereas he never experienced any since he began his journey. Instead, he narrated how he was helped when he had a bad tyre in the middle of the night despite the fact, he could not speak their local dialect. 

In a viral tweet, he stated, “To me that is the spirit of humanity in Africa. And everywhere I have been in Africa, the story is the same. People are nice and friendly and full of positive vibes.”