‘Libyans would have preferred the security and order they had before’ – Ex-Ghana president

John Dramani Mahama, Ghana’s former president has expressed his views on the issue of foreign powers meddling in local affairs, particularly the creation of the mess in Libya.

He judged Gaddafi’s leadership favorably relative to the current situation in the North African country.

According to him, the people of Libya may be of regret for losing their President and one of Africa’s most revered past leaders, Muammar Gaddafi who was killed in 2011 by NATO backed troops.

“Let’s take a look at Libya. Gaddafi was taken out by foreign powers. Now, look at Libya today. I am sure Libyans would have preferred the security and order they had before,” He said in an interview with a Ugandan media

In self-confessed interviews, French authorities then claimed their aircraft struck vehicles in Gaddafi’s convoy near Sirte. An official of NATO on the other hand also told the press that, Gaddafi’s convoy was hit either by a French plane or a U.S. drone.

After the operation which resulted in the death of the revolutionary leader, the country has seen political instability coupled with series of chaotic occurrences, including clashes by armed groups which were rare under Gaddafi.

Upon his death, looting of the country’s resources became the sad reality and fight over such resources has also become a common ground for conflicts in Libya.