Protests against the deployment of French troops in Gabon are prohibited by Gabonese authorities.

Gabonese authorities have halted a planned public protest against French troops stationed in the country.

The Gabonese Patriotic Front, according to local media reports, coordinated the mass protest.

Despite the fact that organizers promised a peaceful march, the authorities cited “cooperation and military agreements” as reasons to stop the protest.

The group has expressed dissatisfaction in the decision by the government, describing the directive as “anti-democratic” and an infringement on people’s right to freely agitate against state decisions they disagree with.

The president has received backlash from a section of the citizenry, particularly opposition leaders who blame him for “being in bed” with foreign troops as more than 300 French military installations/bases are seen all over Gabon.

The development came at the backdrop of the growing campaign for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Africa, especially the Sahel.

The president has faced criticism from some citizens, particularly opposition politicians, who accuse him of “being in bed” with foreign forces, citing the presence of more than 300 French military installations/bases around Gabon.

The development occurred against the backdrop of a growing effort to remove foreign troops from Africa, particularly the Sahel.

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