The Kenyan President speaks against side chick spending

President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta

The president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, has urged men to stop spending money on their ‘side chicks’ and instead use that money to help their families.

When some men get money, they go for secret lovers in the streets. They forget they left their wives at home. They spend all the cash leaving their families in poverty… please men, let’s change”.

he said

Speaking at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre , Uhuru said some men have a penchant for spending good moments with secret lovers leaving their families in poverty.

The President narrated how men use title deeds as collateral to borrow loans that are wasted on secret lovers instead of uplifting the whole family.


“The problem of getting title deed is that when the man gets it, he feels it’s his own property and does not need others,”

“He goes to the bank to loan some money but when he leaves the bank, he spends it on his secret lovers.”

He said

This title deed is for you and your family. You need to guard it so that your family can remember you in future. Let’s treat this as a valuable document please,” 

he said.

For the sake of their own futures and the futures of their children, Uhuru challenged men to change the way they conduct themselves and behave responsibly.

After these remarks, the head of state also launched the national title deeds issuance program which will see Kenyans receive one million of the six million title deeds issued to various individuals and groups across the country.

Earlier, the president called on Kenyans not to elect people whose intention is to reverse the gains made in land reforms in the country.

Uhuru asked Kenyans to vote for people who will continue the land reforms agenda.

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